FWSMUG | 11-20-2019 | November Webinar with Donna Ryan, Andreas Hammarskjold, and Phil Wilcock

Session 1: WIM Witch – Donna Ryan

Offline Image Servicing is a process that stream lines some of the image customization tasks regularly performed by administrators. The process saves time during imaging by incorporating customization directly to the Windows image, negating the need for additional Task Sequence steps. It also ensures systems are built fully complaint with their Windows updates.

WIM Witch, a GUI driven tool, performs most common servicing tasks. By leveraging a GUI, WIM Witch makes the servicing process easy to understand and perform. The presentation will cover all of WIM Witch’s features, including automating bulk updating tasks with command line functions.

Topics to be discussed:
Reasons to service an image
How to service with WIM Witch
Command line functionality for automation
How WIM Witch compares to other tools
Road map for WIM Witch

Link to WIM Witch:


Session 2: Them Distribution Blues – Phil Wilcock Andreas Hammarskjold

A Masterclass in Software Distribution gotchas. This session is a massive ‘how to’ diagnose and (even better) avoid some of the most annoying and disasterous issues when getting contentfrom A to B. Hash mismatch?, Missing Content? No Peer-to-Peer going on? We will look at software distribution – from Site to DP to Client, including lots of real-world examples of what went wrong and why and how you can avoid the same pitfalls.

What you will learn:
Lots of best practice to take away
Some hilarious stories! (names have been changed to protect the guilty)
Scripts to impress your friends..

Link to scripts mentioned in the session: