Troubleshooting Intune automatic enrollment

I recently setup a new Intune tenant and I wanted to enable co-management. It's been a while since I've setup co-management and I have a new lab since the last time, so everything feels new and I'm lost 🙂 I don’t spend a lot of time​​ setting up environments for customers. When I setup a new test lab/tenant I’m always reading/re-reading the instructions.


Problem: The ConfigMgr client is reporting that Co-Management is disabled even though I thought I had completed all steps to enable Co-Management. In this particular scenario, there is a problem with automatic enrollment.



First step for me was forcing the device to check-in via the actions tab and wait a few minutes to see if there was a change (spoiler alert: there wasn’t).


Next,​​ it’s off to the logs! The Co-Management related logs that I’m interested in are:

  • CoManagementHandler.log

  • ComplRelayAgent.log

Pro tip: you can merge logs with CMTrace!


It’s easy to see from the logs that I’ve forgotten an important step.


Remember when I​​ said I don’t spend a lot of time setting up environments for customers? I forgot something important (I didn’t target this device’s OU for sync … oops). At this point, it’s best to just go to the official documentation. There is a fantastic tutorial to follow for setting up Co-Management that outlines the required steps and then describes them in detail:​​ If you open a support case, the team will send you similar documentation to walk through for self-troubleshooting.


I suggest spending some time reading the tutorial. As you can see from the screenshots below, once I had taken care of the​​ issue, the device happily reports that co-management is enabled.