Manage the Network Impact of OneDrive with Intune

You can now manage OneDrive behavior in Intune with the Administrative Templates preview. In Device Configuration under profiles, click create profile, and fill in the required information.

Name: OneDrive config

Platform: Windows 10

Profile Type: Administrative Templates (preview)

Then click on Create to create the profile

Next, expand the new profile and go to Settings. In the search bar, type OneDrive to get the list of OneDrive settings you can configure. To minimize the network impact OneDrive can have when admins are doing Windows 10 migrations, it’s important to enablea few settings.

  1. Files On-Demand – users don’t necessarily want their files, they just want to know they are there. Enabling this setting means they don’t really need to download their entire OneDrive library when they get their shiny new computer. This is also helpful for clearing up disk space without deleting files later.
  2. We all know users are probably going to download their OneDrive library anyway. That’s why you’ll want to set the max download bandwidth (and while you’re at it upload bandwidth), as well as max bandwidth percentage that OneDrive can use overall. 
  3. Do users need to sync their cat photos fromtheir personal OneDrive? Probably, but this is a doggo company, so we need to prevent any rogue cat downloads. This leans a little bit more on the micromanaging admin side of the fence. However, if bandwidth is already a touchy subject, might as well prevent them from syncing their personal accounts. Besides, dogs rule and cats drool.
  4. Prevent OneDrive from generating network traffic until the user signs in to OneDrive, or starts syncing files locally. Seems like a reasonable setting to prevent OneDrive from checking for updates and syncing if it isn’t actually going to be used.
  5. Silently Configure OneDrive using the primary Windows account. This setting has nothing to do with network impact, but it signs in the user on their behalf. Which should reduce helpdesk calls. More time for the dogs to take over 😊
  6. Migrate pre-existing TeamSites with OneDrive Files-On-Demand. This setting keeps already download files. Cheers to eliminating double (or 10x) downloads.

There are other settings worth investigating, such as setting a size threshold that forces users to pick what folders to sync. For more information on the settings, just click it and you’ll see the help file for it.

When you’ve got things configured as you’d like them, don’t forget to deploy the setting to your preferred groups.