Troubleshooting Intune Error 80180014

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This lady is a professional and probably knows more about Intune than I ever will.

I ran into an unexpected issue when enrolling a new device. I kept getting the following error message, “Your organization does not support this version of Windows. (0x80180014).

Screenshot of error code
Can’t enroll due to error 80180014

I did a quick search to find out that the error code means the platform isn’t supported. The recommendation was to upgrade the OS. (See: )

Screenshot of Microsoft Docs translating the error code and recommending to upgrade
Documentation recommends upgrading.

I wasn’t too sure this was really an accurate error, or even solid remediation advice. I felt like Intune was trolling me with a “have you tried turning it off and on again” bit of help. The device in question was running Windows 10 v1703. I tried again on a device running Windows 10 v1709 expecting success this time. Instead I was greeted with the same error code.

This time I went to the event log on the device to see what I could glean from there. In event log, under Applications and Services – Microsoft – AAD – Operations, there were plenty of fun errors and warnings. Take this one for example:

A warning message in the event log stating that the text associated with the error message couldn't be found.
The text associated with this error code could not be found.

There were a few other cryptic errors as well. Then I stumbled across one that started to point me to believe there was something wrong with my tenant.

Error message stating I might have tried to authenticate to the wrong tenant
“You might have sent your authentication request to the wrong tenant.”

At this point, I turned to my tenant to review settings. As far as I could tell, everything was ok. I reached out to Jan-Ketil Skanke for a sanity check. We reviewed my settings together. Turns out my tenant was blocking (all) device enrollment for some reason. Here’s where it becomes super obvious that I’m an Intune noob 🙂 Also a good time to point out that there’s nothing at first glance on this page that would suggest you should click the text you see to uncover more settings #ImJustSaying.

A view of enrollment restrictions in Intune
They couldn’t put an arrow or a “click here” type indicator that there may be more settings to drill into? (Spoiler alert: if you actually hover over an item you can tell if it is expandable) #IntuneNoobProblems
Screenshot showing settings expanded in Intune
OK, so it miiiiight be my fault.

I enabled Windows devices and waited a few minutes. I returned to both Windows devices and tried to enroll again. This time with success!