OneDrive Woes in the Win10 AU

I have a *workaround* for anybody experiencing One Drive crashing in the Windows 10 AU (1607). What I’m doing isn’t a sustainable practice if you’ve got the error across a large environment.

Not so shiny error in the event log!
Not so shiny error in the event log! Faulting application name: OneDrive.exe
Event Name: SkyDriveClientError
Event Name: SkyDriveClientError

My environment:
-Bare metal deployment of AU
-Domain Joined
-The domain account logging in is not an administrator account, although when signing in with an admin account, the problem persists.

I did my homework:
-There are no GPOs blocking MS accounts or One Drive – it works in Windows7, Windows 8.1, and Win10 1511.
-McAfee Enterprise: see above – it works in other environments, we’ve got nothing configured that would interfere.
-Firewall/QoS/etc: see above – nothing that would prevent the app from running.
-Obtained media from VLSC and imported into MDT – zero customization done here.

After doing a lot of reading, I’m kind of relieved I’m not the only person with the issue, a lot of you are having it. The only workaround I ever saw posted was to roll back to 1511 or check EMET settings. Neither applies here because I did a bare metal deployment and we aren’t using EMET.

So, if I can’t rollback, what can I do?
I decided to add a Microsoft account (not the same one I was using for One Drive mind you) as a user on the PC. I didn’t make it administrator, just a regular user. BAM! One Drive works. That MS account had ~20GB data I was able to sync. Time to test on the domain account – and what do you know? Now it works and is happily syncing 200GB data.

Edit: I’m told by Sandy that in an upgrade scenario if you’re having the issue you can delete HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\OneDrive