Finding ConfigMgr Current Branch in VLSC

Problem:  I need/want to upgrade my ConfigMgr environment from 2012 R2 SP1 – 1602 but I can’t find it in my VLSC.  Does this mean I’m not licensed for it?

Answer: No.  It’s just poorly named.

If you’re looking for ConfigMgr in your VLSC, it’s actually titled System Center Config Mgr Client Mgmt License (current branch).  Good lord that’s worse than spouting off which specific CU I have applied to my 2012 environment.


Click on the downloads tab to get to the software.

BTW, if you haven’t noticed it’s for 1511 release.  Currently the only way to get to 1602 is through servicing through current branch ConfigMgr implementation.  So whether you’re starting from scratch or from an older implementation, you have to use 1511 as your starting point.