Back to basics – installing drivers HP Zbook 14

This isn’t a very technically deep post but the method is something that has been helpful for me dealing specifically with HP Zbook 14 laptops.  I have never had more trouble installing graphics drivers in my entire life than the two years I’ve worked with this model laptop.

Anyway, this post isn’t about much other than to say when you’re updating drivers and nothing seems to be working you can always force the install through device manager.

Just open Device Manager and navigate to Display node.  Right click the corresponding display adapter you want to update.  Pick Update Driver Software.

I have the AMD card disabled (too buggy in Windows 10) which is why it isn’t present – but this will work for both AMD and Intel.

Next pick Browse my computer for driver software

And finally, navigate to the extracted driver in the SWSETUP folder (or if you’ve manually downloaded and extracted it, navigate to there). And then complete the Wizard.


That’s it!  Super simple and saves a lot of headaches.