Hacking the network driver for 6th gen NUC

Let’s say you buy a machine or have a machine that’s only supported for every OS on the planet except for the one you intend to use.  You can accept your fate – that you really don’t live with as much freedom as you want, or you can change your fate and hack drivers to get exactly what you want.  This post will show you how to do option 2 (which by the way is the correct option to pick).

Since everybody loves the NUC, we are going to hack the crap out of the 6th gen net driver to install the very unsupported Server OS.

What you need:

  • NUC net driver (I grabbed the Win10x64 one)
  • Windows 10 Driver Kit (scroll down, the actual download is about halfway down the page – and for what it’s worth, I installed it using all the default settings)
  • 7-zip (7-zip is king!)
It’s going to be really helpful to find the Device ID because you will need it for the specific driver you’re trying to hack.  The DeviceID for the network adapter on the 6th gen NUC is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1570&SUBSYS_20648086&REV_21 *but* you only need to match the first part – so in this case  PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1570.  Using this info, I found the driver I wanted to hack was in the NDIS64 folder (specifically e1d64x64.inf) once I extracted the exe with 7-zip.  This is the only .inf with the matching hardware ID so I know for sure this is the file I need to edit and eventually import into my deployment workbench.Capture
To do the actual hacking, I copied the ID from this section: Capture1
and then pasted it into this one – it’s directly below where I got it from and literally the only other spot where something like this would belong – so if you’re new to this don’t be afraid!
I kept it in the correct order as it was listed above


Once I did my copy paste magic, all I needed to do was save the file and then  move the NDIS64 folder away from where I extracted the LAN exe (my downloads folder) because it’s all that’s needed for the import when the time comes.
Now the driver is ready to be imported into your deployment workbench.  Since MDT doesn’t require driver signing, you’re good to go.
/NOTE: This same driver will work for Server 2016 – some of you will want to grab and edit in the NDIS65 folder but it’s just not necessary.



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