This one’s for Tom: HP and drivers and Windows 10

If you’re an HP customer, you might have noticed more recently than ever that HP’s links are changing on the daily.  Why it’s happening isn’t really very important, but it does impact your organization’s desktop engineer (I’m assuming that’s you – accountants don’t read my blog.  I know this because I asked the accounting team at my work – they said no).  You can (and should, when the page is up) go to the product’s support page and grab the driver pack but that isn’t always an option, or realistic, or even what I feel like doing.

So here’s where I tell you to go ahead and do that in-place upgrade and then download the Softpaq Download Manager.  It will launch a catalog that searches for missing/new drivers specific to your model.  It can also search for other models, but in my experience, I feel it’s best to only run it on the model in question.  NOTE: this requires .Net 3.5 SP1



This is also how I keep my drivers updated in my image.  HP doesn’t update the management packs once they are published (at least not for the Zbooks) so every few months I will run a deployment and then the utility to get the drivers.  Another cool side-note is that you can build driver packs from this utility to throw in to a task sequence (think large scale Win 10 in place upgrade ((btw, anything more than say 2 is large scale and worth your time to automate)) ).

They all write to C:\Swsetup and get organized into folders by softpaq name.  From there I copy them to my driver repository, them extract and import for OSD.


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