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Create Local User Based on Serial Number

If you ever find yourself wanting to create a local user based on something super specific (like Serial Number) then this post is for you.

First you need your script:

#Created by Ami Casto Twitter:@MDTPro Blog:
#This script will create a local user account based on Serial Number, set the password to never expire, prevent user from changing the password, and add it to the Local Admin Group
#Make it all clean - this could be commented out if unwanted
$Error.clear() # Clear errors
#Queries Win32_Bios for Serial Number and pulls out the serial number to return it on a single line which gets captured as a variable
$SN = gwmi win32_bios | Select-Object -Expandproperty SerialNumber
# $SN now equals the hardware's Serial Number and this variable is used to create a user account, set a password, and prevent that user from changing it
net user $SN P@ssw0rd /add /passwordchg:no
#This step sets the password to never expire
wmic useraccount where "name='$SN'" set passwordexpires=false
#This step adds the newly created account to the Local Admin group
net localgroup administrators $SN /add

Just copy/paste and save it as user.ps1 in the Scripts folder.

In MDT, open your preferred task sequence and create a new group where you would like the step to go.  Since this account is a local user and won’t be able to access anything specific to the deployment anyway, I’m adding the account near the end.

I've added the PowerShell script in a group I created for this step.

I’ve added the PowerShell script in a group I created for this step.

Notice that I call on it this way %SCRIPTROOT%\user.ps1 .  You could create a separate folder within the scripts folder, but you’ll have to remember to include that in the path as well, otherwise your deployment will fail.

And, Success!


It worked as expected – the user account matches what’s in the Serial Number property.

Disclaimer: It is very important that you pick a property that is short and doesn’t have special characters.  So I wouldn’t do this on a VM for example, I’d pick something from win32_bios such as model.

If you want to make this work on a Intel NUC, then you need to read my post about how to assign a Serial Number for your NUC.

Uninstall String for Autodesk Content Service 2016

Autodesk Content service (Especially 2016) isn’t playing nice in my environment.  If you’re in a BIM environment and you’re seeing a lot of strange things happen in Office (think ghost actions 🙂 ) I recommend uninstalling it.  You’ll see the same trends in Event Viewer as pictured below.

Event 7031 Service Control Manager

These 3 errors will appear together in the Applications node of Event Viewer

Event ID: 0 Autodesk Content Service

Event ID 1026 .NET Runtime

Event ID: 1000 Application Error


From admin prompt:

msiexec /x {A37CDB58-AAE8-0000-8C13-E0F7BACB0D5F} /quiet