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OneDrive Woes in the Win10 AU

I have a *workaround* for anybody experiencing One Drive crashing in the Windows 10 AU (1607). What I’m doing isn’t a sustainable practice if you’ve got the error across a large environment.

Not so shiny error in the event log!

Not so shiny error in the event log! Faulting application name: OneDrive.exe

Event Name: SkyDriveClientError

Event Name: SkyDriveClientError

My environment:
-Bare metal deployment of AU
-Domain Joined
-The domain account logging in is not an administrator account, although when signing in with an admin account, the problem persists.

I did my homework:
-There are no GPOs blocking MS accounts or One Drive – it works in Windows7, Windows 8.1, and Win10 1511.
-McAfee Enterprise: see above – it works in other environments, we’ve got nothing configured that would interfere.
-Firewall/QoS/etc: see above – nothing that would prevent the app from running.
-Obtained media from VLSC and imported into MDT – zero customization done here.

After doing a lot of reading, I’m kind of relieved I’m not the only person with the issue, a lot of you are having it. The only workaround I ever saw posted was to roll back to 1511 or check EMET settings. Neither applies here because I did a bare metal deployment and we aren’t using EMET.

So, if I can’t rollback, what can I do?
I decided to add a Microsoft account (not the same one I was using for One Drive mind you) as a user on the PC. I didn’t make it administrator, just a regular user. BAM! One Drive works. That MS account had ~20GB data I was able to sync. Time to test on the domain account – and what do you know? Now it works and is happily syncing 200GB data.

Edit: I’m told by Sandy that in an upgrade scenario if you’re having the issue you can delete HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\OneDrive

Windows 10 .Net 3.5

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t know, but Windows 10 ships with .Net 4.5.5

This is fine until you need to throw down an older app built for Windows 7 for example, basically anything Autodesk and HP SoftPaq Download Manager.


You will find yourself needing .Net 3.5 SP1 before you can install said application.  Some publishers, like Autodesk, ship their apps with a repository of pre-reqs, and some don’t.  This post is for those of us in the second boat.

What I’m about to show you might seem old and tedious, especially when you can just go grab the download in less time than it takes to read this post and do the action items, but I can promise you DISM has it’s place, for starters, in this blog post.  Side note: My boss used to make me apply all updates to our image using DISM only.  So think about that for a while.

Grab your Win 10 media and mount it.  Make note of the drive letter and file path (In the example, it’s D:\win10)



Open an elevated command prompt (right-click, run as administrator) and type:

dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:netfx3 /all /source:D:\win10\sources\sxs


Now you have what you need to install the older app!