Happy Thanksgiving – 2018 Edition

Hey friends, family, tweeps, and supporters. First off, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that wherever you are in the world, and whether or not you celebrate actual Thanksgiving, that you know you are loved and appreciated. I have a lot to be thankful for this year – I’ve moved into the beautiful new home that I built.

I am going to be making some personal changes, some of which I alluded to with a tweet not too long ago. Fam, it’s 2018 (soon to be 2019). Traveling the globe is getting old and it’s super disruptive, not to mention extremely expensive.

Traveling to conferences means finding care for the dogs, horses, and boy. This tends to get a little ridiculous in the cost and planning department. It also impacts my son quite a bit as he has to go live with somebody else (family at least) for 8-10 days. He’s going to be officially starting Kindergarten so regular school attendance is going to be mandatory for the next 13 years. I know for every parent/child care taker reading this/watching this that I’m preaching to the choir .

In 2019, I plan to travel to exactly three conferences: MMS, Blackhat, and Ignite (which I realize is three more than most people get to go to). I will be focusing more on the local user group I’ve co-founded with some cool people, as well as online community efforts such as MVP Days (if they will have me), webinars, and Deployment News. While you can’t beat the networking you get by physically attending conferences, I think it’s worth exploring how to maximize virtual networking to help everybody stay in the loop without spending an insane amount of money and losing an insane amount of time going to a conference.

As for blogs – amicasto.com is where you’ll find general posts like these in addition to more Intune focused topics. The 2Pint blog is where you’ll find all the super cool stuff my team is posting about all things network related. Also, don’t forget to checkout the Deployment News Newsletter signup as we are looking forward to getting the newsletter rolling.

Happy day and remember – don’t try to deep fry a frozen turkey!


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